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October 1, 2008 | Latest News, Press Releases

Statement from the Partnership for Quality Care Regarding Renewal of Massachusetts Medicaid Waiver

October 1, 2008
Contact:  Kate Navarro-McKay, 646-246-5906

The Partnership for Quality Care applauds CMS and Governor Deval Patrick for their support of Massachusetts’ landmark achievement in expanding health care coverage.  Yesterday’s extension of the state’s Medicaid waiver enables Massachusetts to clear a critical funding hurdle as it continues to expand health care coverage to the uninsured.  It also provides yet another example of how continued partnership of government, providers, labor, business and patients is fundamentally necessary to any national model that seeks to solve our health care crisis. 

This shared commitment is paying dividends in health care coverage that we can measure: in August, Massachusetts reported that two-thirds of its uninsured residents had obtained coverage, and the state’s burden of uncompensated care had dropped 40 percent.  We are hopeful that in the future Massachusetts will be able to share new information on how the quality of care is improving as a result of a stable, sustained system where virtually every patient has affordable, comprehensive health care.   With comprehensive coverage, quality across state and national health care delivery system can become a reality.

The PQC has long stressed the importance of federal partnership with states to lead on the improvement of health care.  However, states cannot make the investment to reform our health care system to improve access, efficiency, affordability, and quality on their own.  Especially in a time of fiscal strain, they need the leadership of the federal government to help make investments that will pay off for decades to come.