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Culture of Health

The “Culture of Health” initiative strives to have the healthcare workforce serve as a model of healthy lifestyles for the rest of the country.  Members of PQC are leveraging their positions as employers, providers and workforce leaders to encourage and assist the healthcare workforce to join together to become a model of personal health for the nation.
Through the Culture of Health, PQC has taken on a new responsibility:
becoming ambassadors of not only excellent clinical health, but also excellent personal health.
This effort focuses on the identification of successful workforce programs that improve health and make PQC institutions examples of success for the patients we serve, as well as models of personal success for the communities in which we live.
PQC has launched a project with Montefiore Medical Center and 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East at the helm and piloting an innovative workplace model. The project,convened by PQC with the guidance of Edington Associates, is co-chaired by Montefiore President and CEO, Steven Safyer, MD, and 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East President George Gresham. These two visionary leaders have offered the following vision statement for the initiative: Through labor-management collaboration, create a sustainable culture of health to increase associates’ quality of life, state of well-being, empowerment, and engagement.
The leadership team has identified the following goals for the Montefiore/1199SEIU UHE initiative:

  • To promote healthy choices,
  • To ensure a safe workplace, and
  • To guarantee that each employee feel well-qualified for their designated tasks.

The steering committee is in the process of conducting an environmental assessment that will include a survey to be administered to all of Montefiore’s 18,000 employees and n addition capturing more information in a series of focus groups.  The data obtained from the assessment will then be analyzed by the University of Michigan to inform the project’s next steps.

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