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Cover Kids Now Campaign

Between July and October 2007, the PQC embarked on a $2 million education campaign on SCHIP called Cover Kids Now.


The campaign had three discrete phases, each anchored by a significant paid media campaign. Each phase of the campaign also had grassroots outreach and direct outreach by PQC members organizations key legislators on SCHIP. The campaign’s legislative focus was to support SCHIP funding to cover as many eligible children as possible, and to increase the tobacco tax as a source of financing.
Cover Kids Now Phase I: July-August 2007:

  • “Montage” television ad buys, in Washington DC and key districts
  • Accompanying print ad buys in: Time, Newsweek, Washington Post, Roll Call, the Hill

Cover Kids Now Phase II: September 2007:

  • “Out of Reach” television ads in Washington DC
  • Accompanying print ad buys in: Roll Call, the Hill, Congress Daily, the Politico, and National Journal

Cover Kids Now Phase III: October 2007:

  • Thank-you print ads in targeted Congressional Districts
  • Additional Activities Throughout the PQC’s Cover Kids Now Campaign: Action website: www.CoverKidsNow.org
  • Generated thousands of telephone calls to the House and Senate
  • Generated thousands of emails to members of Congress, including thank-you emails
  • Employer/labor teams of PQC members, in Washington DC and in home districts, supported SCHIP renewal & strengthening with their representatives.
  • Web-based advertising on SCHIP renewal & strengthening to cover 10 million children
  • Joint events with members of Congress supporting SCHIP renewal & strengthening to cover 10 million children
  • PQC stand-alone letter to Congress supporting a strengthening of SCHIP and an increase in the tobacco tax
  • Joined with other organizations on letters and events supporting a strengthening of SCHIP and increased tobacco tax.

“Montage” Ad
“Out of Reach” Ad

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