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Quality Improvement

Under the new health reform law, thirty-two million Americans are gaining access to health coverage and a new focus is being placed on prevention, wellness, and the quality and value of healthcare. Indeed, there are a multitude of new initiatives in the health reform legislation aimed at improving care. The bill contains thousands of references to activities and programs the Department of Health and Human Services must implement to drive toward a more efficient, effective healthcare system in this country. But these are just first steps in implementing a real quality agenda in the American healthcare delivery system. There is more that needs to be done. The health reform legislation should be the launching pad for a national campaign of individual responsibility for personal health, high quality, efficient delivery system reforms, and a society that truly supports a healthy population.
PQC’s initiative for quality improvement aims to facilitate change in the health system so that care is safer, better coordinated, and centered on the patient. These efforts allow a wide array of professionals to collaborate on relevant issues including sepsis mortality reduction, improved hand hygiene, lowering the rate of hospital readmissions, curbing childhood asthma, and increasing rates of health care worker immunization against influenza.
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